Social Media Checks & Balances: The Great Temptation

One of the great temptations of social media is to view it as a chance to create or recreate your ideal self. We have the ability to project any one characteristic on our followers and friends. Generally speaking, you can “be” inspiring, bold, friendly, loving, encouraging, wise, intelligent… a professional, a preacher, an expert. …This, I think we can all agree on, can become a problem.

I don’t believe it’s an epidemic in our society (yet), just a trap that’s easy to fall into in the midst of great ambition and aspiration.

So, today I want to employ Check & Balance #2, which I believe is a truth that will ensure healthy social media engagement:

Social Media should not be employed to recreate or define our identity. 

It should affirm and express who we already are. 

So, I want to pose a few questions that could help in forming a healthy view of our “online identity”:

  • If someone you have a relationship with checked your Twitter or Facebook, would they be shocked by your content?
  • If social media crashed, what part(s)/how much of your identity would be lost with it?
  • Have you ever known someone or noticed yourself falling into this trap?

Hopefully these questions are, at minimum, thought provoking. I think this check & balance will lead us [myself included] into or ensure that we are living authentic on and offline.

As always, thoughts, questions, and concerns are welcomed!

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